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Fax to Email
Change the way you send and receive faxes with Fax to Email fax-to-email-inx
Fax to Email Overview
Fax to E-mail, also referred to as the inbound service, enables users to receive faxes via any internet connection using a home or office computer, mobile device, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or laptop. Receiving faxes is as easy as opening an e-mail. A fax sent to a Fax to E-mail number will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the user as a PDF or TIFF attachment.
How do I Receive Faxes?
With Free Fax to Email receiving a fax is as easy as opening an email or sending an email. Any Fax sent to your Free Fax to Email number will be sent to your email address as a PDF or TIFF attachment. Because we archive all your sent and received faxes FREE for 5 years, you have the ability to login and manage your fax inbox online from anywhere around the world.
What is this FREE Fax Number?
Free Fax to Email has the biggest range of premium rated number ranges in all the areas. Your free Fax
to Email number is your number for life and will stay active as long as you use it. If you do not use your number for more than 3 months your account will expire.
Do you want to Send a Fax?
With your Free Fax to Email number there are a variety of services included for you to use. To send a fax
is as quick and simple as typing an email and attaching the pages you wish to fax. Read more about this services under Email to Fax.
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