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5 Year Archiving
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Fax to Email provides every user with fax archiving. Fax to Email saves a copy of every fax you send and receive for five years. Only faxes that were sent in the last 90 days are available for download. Should you need copies of faxes older than 90 days, contact the Fax to Email Support Department.

Users may elect to comply with the SARS Act for the Archiving of documentation and make use of the Fax to Email storage facility insuring the safe keeping of the documents for a 5 year period.

Upon receiving your fax, you have the opportunity to set the subject and date your fax with up to 60 characters, ensuring that you can search for your faxes once stored.

It is law that a company keeps record of its correspondence for 5 years - this service does that for you,
protecting the integrity of your fax data offsite, with real-time access for retrieval.
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